Peter Knott live
Peter Knott
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singer, guitarist, songwriter & producer
a unique guitarist and also a fiery vocalist


being peter knott

a used guitar and a cheap amp - going up his way for a rock musician since his early
got money for the first gigs in the age of 15 - what a great feeling....
touring with different bands and working as a professional since the age of 23
"In my songs I always wanted to reflect emotions of everybody "
no bloodless music

great moments

since 1986 on tour with his formed band LA ROQUE - on 3 CD´s Like the wind / Local radio and Daydreams you can hear a wide range of melodic rock music at it`s best. Playing a lot of concerts - also with Ten Years After, Uriah Heep, Magnum, Mother`s Finest, Pretty Things, Roger Chapman....
Peter Knott live live and kicking


the return of THE TRAVELLERS - formed in 1997 - also in concert with Saga, Iona...
authentic music based on motifs of politic, love, religion and emotional connections

the sound

peter knott: guitars/leadvocals - stefan kugler: bass/voc. - anselm gayler: drums/voc.
a pumpin` heavy, melodic guitarpower music - winning your heart
Remember RORY - the spirit of Rory Gallagher  
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