peter knott, history II
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L. A. , mainstream rock

A new band was born 1984:

L. A. - good ol´ mainstream Rock

Leadvocals: Fee Boehm
Leadvocals, guitar: Peter Knott
Drums: Ecki Gerlicher
Bass: Peter Tobolla


L. A. became L. A. ROCK

bassguitar player and drummer changed:
Stefen Manz, an excellent and groovy bassplayer and on power drums Werner Steinhauser
Mike Kuhn was the great man for the great sounds and effects

L. A. Rock 1985


Soon turned into LA ROQUE

3 CD´s and several Hits on the local radio stations showed the quality of the band and of the songs.

The Band:
bass: Stefen Manz
drums: Werner Steinhauser (Gerdl Neugebauer)

keyboards: Mike Kuhn
leadvocals: Fee Boehm
leadguitar & vocals: Peter Knott

La Rouque 1991
Felicitas Boehm, Peter Knott two great vocal artists: Peter and Felicitas Felicitas Boehm, Peter Knott
Stefen Manz Mike Kuhn Werner Steinhauser
Stefen Manz Mike Kuhn Werner Steinhauser
La Roque Fans CD - presentation Peter with young fans
The La-Roque-Fans Peter jamming Peter after the show with young fans

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