Remember RORY
Photos from the 1st Rory Gallagher Convention
London Hammersmith November 2003
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3. RORY GALLGAHER REVIEW in Wiesbaden, 11. September
1st Rory Gallagher Convention, London/ Hammersmith
2 nd International Rory Gallagher Tribute Festival Ballyshannon, Ireland
Rory´s original backdrop Rory Gallagher´s backdrop
Barry and Dave, Sinnerboy


A tribute to Rory from Manchester

Peter Knott and 20$ Bill -
the boys are back in town

20$ Bill, Peter Knott
20$ Bill, Donal Gallagher & Peter Knott Donal Gallagher at the Convention in Hammersmith
with 20$ Bill and Peter Knott from
Remember RORY
Peter and Lou Martin, the legendary pianoman of Rory Gallagher
talking about the good old times
Peter and Lou Martin
Peter Knott mixing at Hammersmith Peter fixing the sound system and giving
Lou Martin a good sound support
Rory´s legendary Strat Rory´s Strat
Sinnerboy The second day - ready for the next gig
Having a good time in London, Hammersmith Bill, Barry, Donal, Peter
Fly back home Hope to be back soon !
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