Remember RORY
Photos from the 2. Rory-Gallagher-REVIEW, Köln 2003
photos by sue radloff
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2. RORY Review, Köln
3. RORY GALLGAHER REVIEW in Wiesbaden, 11. September
1st Rory Gallagher Convention, London >>
2 nd International Rory Gallagher Tribute Festival Ballyshannon, Ireland
the outside entrance
Bronx in Köln Eingang Bronx
the inside  
Peter is touched by holding Rudi Gerlachs Fender Telecaster, this guitar RORY was playing about 5 years on stage.
Peter, Rosie Raritäten
And beside that Rudi Gerlach showed a lot of other rarities.
Ed 20-$-Bill, Karlheinz Bilstein
Ed - chief of pub,
Karlheinz Bilstein, chief of the review
The 2. Review can begin
The band "Remember RORY" in action
Peter Knott Peter Knott Peter Knott
Peter Knott with his Fender Telecaster, acoustic, and Rudis/RORYS Telecaster
Telecaster of Rudi Gerlach
Stefan Kugler Jörg Czarski Jörg Czarski
Stefan Kugler Jörg Czarski
Bronx 2 cameras
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