REMEMBER RORY - gallery 8 - Irish tour 2007
photo by Steve Richardson photo by Heike K.
Cork rocks for Rory Triskel Theater
photo by Jan v. Bodegraven photo by Jan v. Bodegraven
Dorrian`s Hotel Ballyshannon Dorrian`s, Ballyshannon
Cleary`s pub, Newcastle West the family .. Jimmy, Ronya, Stefan, Peter, Anselm and
great crowd in "Sopranos pub" Ballyshannon Anselm gets the spirit of Rory .. Newcastle West
great gig in Newcastle West ..with Pat ..Rorys cousin Jimmy and Philomena Lynott ..mother of Phil Lynott
original bass of Phil Lynott the original "Renegade" flag of Thin Lizzy
TRISKEL THEATRE - CORK CITY thanks to Steve Richardson for the photos
Cork City, Eire  
happy crowd thanx.. see you all next year
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  Sean Maloney, Peter Knott, Mick Stone
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