REMEMBER RORY - gallery 5
Leeuwarden - Holland 2006
8th Rory Gallagher Tribute - March 4 th
a very special thanks to our friends from "" for the photos
  the spirit of Rory Gallagher
photo by Antonien Steijvers
Stefan "Kugie" Kugler
going to my hometown edged in blue
thanks to all our fans see you soon
more Leeuwarden and Beverwijk photos - a very special thanks to .. Jan van Bodegraven
Peter Knott
Peter in full flight  
Anselm Gayler
  I`m not awake yet
come on !
cradle rock relic strat from Joachim Matz
The Rose Club Beverwijk - Holland - March 5th  
  photos from Jan van Bodegraven
from the gallery Remember Rory
Anselm on Slingerland drums Rory - jamming with Brian Tambling
Rose Club - on stage Shadow play - Peter, Brian and the fans
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