REMEMBER RORY - gallery 3
Christmas Bash at Cruiscin Lan
December 10 th 2005 - Cork City - Ireland
Cork city
Peter Anselm
keep the spirit Anselm is kicking the audience
cradle rock thanks to Klaas & Annet for the relic strat
Kugie photo by
ladies & gentlemen ...Stefan Kugler on bass ! ....get the spirit
trying jigs and reels ......... the best beer
taste the taste-cafe Cork city by night
Beamish or Guinness ?
a very special thanks to Barry, Steve and Dave - our friends from SINNERBOY....for the drums ..
and amps....
to all our friends from "the gang" .....
and to the Rory fans from all over europe - helping make "Christmas Bash" a great success
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